Mark Stoddard is a popular speaker at many Universities around the U.S.A. He is brought in to speak at workshops that teach budding opera singers how to market themselves; to get paid singing jobs. Workshops can be from 2 to 5 hours depending upon the subjects the university wishes him to cover.

The topic segments include:
   Developing a Marketing Mindset
   50 Venues that Pay Singers and How to Create a Perpetual Job Machine
   Negotiating Naturally
   Building Your Image and Brand on paper, websites, Twitter, Facebook and more.
   Creating Advertising that Works

Here are two clips from a recent speaking engagement at Lawrence University:


Mark also speaks at conferences and workshops teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow their businesses through fundraising, negotiating, marketing and other vital skills.

He was Entrepreneur in Residence at UVU for several years and has organized and spoken at national conventions throughout his career.  In addition, he has taught free market principles at international universities and organizations including Russia, China and Cuba as well as youth camps in the USA.

Here Mark Stoddard acts as a spokesman for a Classical Singer television project:

In this clip Mark Stoddard is interviewed by a business program on a product he's promoting: