Speaking Professionally

Mark J. Stoddard is an accomplished speaker, lecturer, workshop leader and consultant. His style is very interactive, getting the audience involved as needed. He uses humor, pathos, examples and illustrations, and group actions to make his points and keep the audience's attention.

He has spoken to Presidents and rulers, was the first foreigner to ever address the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, spoken on large stages to audiences of 1,000 or more and as few people as the president of Moldava in a personal presentation.  Mark is comfortable teaching both beginners who are new to the free market as well as sophisticated investors & financiers.

Speaking with music majors at TCU in Ft. Worth, TX. He held the interest of musicians, learning about marketing.

He was Entrepreneur in Residence at UVU for three years and has organized and spoken at national conventions throughout his career.  In addition, he has taught free market principles at international universities and organizations including Russia, China and Cuba as well as youth camps in the USA and Russia.

Mark loves meeting with audiences, getting to know them and helping them understand the principles of success. And they, in turn, love him.  He has repeatedly been ranked the #1 speaker/teacher at Classical Singer National conventions.

Some of the topics Mark can effectively teach:
  Creating a Marketing Revolution
  Marketing Isn't Magic -- It's Creative Motion
  7 Steps to Success in a Small Business
  Writing a Powerful Business Plan
  Raising Capital -- Get 50%+ Closing Rate
  Negotiating Naturally
  Turning Sales On
  Why Winners Win
  101 Businesses Any Teenager Can Start
  How to write a killer ad
  Developing a Marketing Mindset
  Eliminating Prison Thinking & Finding Joy in the Journey
  The Power of One - how each person can make a difference
  Lessons learned from Freedom Fighters -
       stories from World War II, Vietnam & Afghanistan heroes
  How to raise capitol & value a company for sale or purchase
  How to commercialize, patent and promote a new technology
  How to identify a business opportunity

Some Previous Clients
Ruff Conventions (10 times) -- Why Winners Win
Classical Singer Conventions and Workshops (23 times) -- Turning Talent Into Income
Heritage Foundation Business Group -- (1983) -- Why Communism Will Implode
Moscow State University -- (1991) -- After Perestroika -- How to Start Your Business
Jefferson Institute's Free Market Foundation courses (1990 -2000) -
              The wonder of widgets & other free Market Principles 101.
              Thousands of new Russian businessmen & women took this two week course.
Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, Belarus, Leningrad City Council, President Yeltsin's Cabinet,
               President Druk of Moldova -- (1991) --
                   The Power of the Free Market (3 hour lecture/discussion)
               12 City Councils and citizens of each city (500 to 1,000 attendees -- (1991) --
               How to Enter the Free Market and Start Your Business. (7 hr interactive presentation)
University of Calgary Club for Growth -- Finding Your Marketing Edge
UCLA, Stanford, USC -- Why Winners Win, 7 Steps to Entrepreneuring Success
More than 20 Universities -- Turning Talent Into Income, Negotiating, Entrepreneurship
Utah Entrepreneur Forum (2000) -- Preparing Your Business to Go International

After Mark taught Soviet entrepreneurs for a full day, this young
businessman asked him to sign his book, "Seven Steps to Success"
which had been translated into Russian. 

Mark discusses opportunities with world-
famous singer Carol Vaness at an
opera convention 

Following a breakout session in South Bend, Indiana.

Probably the only speaker to be allowed into Cuba to deliver lectures on Free Market economics. 1997.
After the sessions Mark was taken on a tour of Old Havana and the fort.