Business and Opinion Books by Mark Stoddard

"I read your book :)  I also tell my serious students to read it. Our fundraising concert that followed what you taught, went really well, and we broke some fundraising records for the chapter!"
Christa D.

Handbook for Exploring Russia and China

The Heart of Russia 

Seven Steps to Success for the Entrepreneur
               Volume I – Creating the Product or Service; Do You Have What It Takes?
               Volume II – Marketing Plan
               Volume III – Financial Plan
               Volume IV – Human Resource Plan
               Volume V –  Legal, Fundraising Plan
               Volume VI – The Negotiations
               Volume VII – The Action Plan

VMT Business Plan

Numerous other Business Plans

110 Businesses Any Teen Can Start

Advertising Made Effective… and Easy (unpublished)

Best 200 Essays of Mark Stoddard (unpublished)

Real Estate Investment Business – A Methodical Approach

Fictional works

An English Toffee In American Molars -- a one act comedy

Strangers in Nauvoo -- A full length musical drama

Twice Told Tales -- A collection of short stories and poems (unpublished)