Recommendations & Credentials

What others say about Mark

"Where was Mark Stoddard when I was 23?? Great speaker! Great material presented in a fascinating and engaging style. His new book should quite simply be required reading for all singers/musicians."

"Mark's writing style is just as direct and engaging as his speaking style. I had no idea he had SO MUCH history! What a life he's led. Mark is truly an inspiration—both in person and on paper."
Andrea Huber
International Star, Germany

"Masterful speech. It has been a mutually profitable and beneficial experience working with you over the years. Thank you for coming here to speak. 

Need I say more..."
Jay Abraham
The Abraham Group
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"I recommend Mark Stoddard to all my peers. His precepts are exactly what my participants need.I saw their eyes light upas they heard and learned skills that have never been offered them before...
          His lectures are filled with solid advice, strong skills, positive attitudes for business and life and he sprinkles the entire lecture with witty anecdotes, funny stories and a sense of happiness that is infectious."
Dr. Thomas King
American Institute of Music (AIMS), Graz, Austria

"Mark Stoddard is the quintessential entrepreneur -- an Entrepreneur's entrepreneur... you are a natural in front of an 
audience as evidenced by your high ratings speaking at our annual conventions."
Howard Ruff
The Ruff Times
San Ramon, CA


"Within two weeks of using Mark Stoddard's strategies I was invited to
make my Carnegie Hall debut. Stoddard's obvious love and enthusiasm for each attendee fill his lectures and his the books. Stoddard serves up bite-sized marketing nuggets even a raw beginner can quickly use to increase their marketing and their income.And he does it in an entertaining way. Marketing Singers is jam-packed."
Linda Priebe, attorney,
Founder of Arrivi Artist Marketing, Washington, D.C.

"Thanks for coming to Key West to speak at my conference. You knocked it out of the park. Your knowledge is deep and your marketing results prodigious. Dare I say the check's in the mail?"
Gary Halbert
Halbert Marketing Training
Key West, FL

"Your book is the most readable book on business I've come across. I zip through the pages with complete comprehension and feel inspired rather than depleted by the idea of putting the ideas into action."
Elizabeth Harmetz
Opera Performer and Entrepreneur 

"Everything seems so much clearer now and you gave such very specific
actions that I can take to market myself in an appropriate manner."
Maria Elena Armijo
Small business owner
New Mexico

Brief Biography

- Master of Arts in Communications, Theater Arts & English at BYU.

- General Contractor in California and Saudi Arabia. 1972-80

- Executive Director of Free the Eagle, a national citizen's free market
grass roots lobby in DC. Speaker at many large conventions. 1981-1985 

- President of the Jefferson Institute that taught adults investment prin-
ciples and entrepreneurship. Emcee and speaker. 1985-1990

- Invited by Minister of Higher Education of USSR to help Russians start businesses. Speaker at Supreme Soviet and many city councils. 1990-1991

- President of AmeriRuss Cruises and International Cruises & Tours. 1991-2000

- Stoddard Consulting -- marketing, advertising consulting. 2000 to present

- Speaker: while doing the above items he was guest speaker on marketing, sales, business and "How Winners Win" at numerous conventions, conferences and at many universities including USC, UCLA, Stanford, Willamette U., U. of Calgary, Utah State, UVU, BYU, Walsh U. DePauw U., U. of Kentucky, Binghamton U., New York U., Polytechnic University of Havana (that is a really bizarre tale), and Moscow State University. 1985 to present

- Writer: Written 17 books on business, marketing and advertising. Also
written 3 plays including a musical and a book of short stories and poems.