The Facts About California Proposition 8

by Mark Stoddard

In 2000, California voters passed with 61% of the vote, ballot initiative Proposition 22, which changed the California Family Code to formally define marriage in California between a man and a woman.

On May 15, 2008 four (4) California Supreme Court justices decided to overturn the will of the great majority.

In 2008 supporters of the 61% who voted for Proposition 22 got enough signatures to place Proposition 8 on the ballot which would add this phrase to the California Constitution:
“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Attorney General of California Jerry Brown (aka Gov. Moon Beam for his far out views) officially listed Proposition 8 on the ballot “Proposition 8 - Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry”.

A vote of “Yes” passes makes it part of the California Constitution. A vote of “No” defeats it. Those are the facts.

Why should Proposition 8 pass? Here are just 7 logical reasons for Proposition 8.

1. It’s a Democracy and in 2000 Democracy already passed this measure by 61% of the voters. Four California Supreme Court justices decided otherwise. Proposition 8 seeks to overturn the four “justices.” Voting for Proposition 8 is a clear signal that Californians demand that their voice be honored and not constantly retried.

2. Proposition 8 simply reflects the standards and beliefs of the vast majority while not taking any rights from anyone. Same-sex civil unions grant every right marriage does without imposing same-sex views on those who believe it is a non-sequitur.

3. Failure of Proposition 8 would officially make same-sex behavior the State mandated standard for accepted behavior, redefining what the majority consider normal. That is what same-sex proponents believe. They seek to impose their very minority view upon the majority.

4. Failure of Proposition 8 is an attack on Freedom of Religion. Opponents of Prop 8 demand everyone believe as they do. They cannot tolerate religions that believe in a way they don’t. They hate traditional Christianity and do so by being “in your face” and forcing their beliefs upon those who believe otherwise. Doctors who have refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian because of his religious beliefs are being sued.

5. Failure of Prop 8 is a further degradation of Freedom of Speech. Already it is Politically Incorrect to say homosexuality is a choice, that it is NOT biological, despite there being absolutely no evidence that a “gay gene” exists. If Prop. 8 fails then the gay proponents will have official sanction to impose their views in a dictatorial fashion as they’re already doing in Massachusetts where kindergarten teachers are forced to teach five year olds that same-sex marriages are just as acceptable as any other marriage. Teachers and doctors are losing their freedom to live, believe and speak as they choose.

6. Proposition 8 simply declares that Common Law usage of the word “marriage” ONLY refers to a union of a man and a woman. 130 years ago some tested the definition by one man having more than one wife. The people decided their common law definition was clear and could not be changed. If Proposition 8 fails then California will become the haven for polygamists, pedophiles, and bestiality with each claiming “I can’t help it. It’s biological.” If you can redefine marriage to mean anything then it will mean nothing.

7. Proposition 8 is logical. No rights are lost to anyone. No views imposed. No harm done. But if it fails it will be emotionalism and tantrum politics.

Proposition 8 deserves to pass. No logical reason exists to defeat it. Just emotionalism. It already passed once. To unfairly have a “do-over” is, by law, Double Jeopardy.
Pass Proposition 8. Say “YES” to reason, fairness and logic.